Realizing Nature's Dignity

Housecats exercise and enter competitions
in hopes of regaining world recognition
of nature's dignity. Above, Dawnstar Misa demonstrates exceptional form while going thru a hoop.

Cats have been preparing for various competitions for decades. Early on some cats set an example, and subsequent generations of cats inherited the genetic makeup needed for public competition. These photos are of Saturn and Titan in the 1980's practicing an obstacle course.

It is now coming to light that all over the world cats have been training in private homes for decades. People and cats have learned to cooperate in fun ways to develop all sorts of skills.

More photos
of 1980's cats in practice.

when they really get into it, their eyes will sometimes begin to glow......

See Bengal Cats during zen meditational practice and while demonstrating martial arts techniques against dogs of various sizes:

Bengal Cats Practice Zen Meditation and Martial Arts

Cats in Competition

Dawnstar Black Jack

Dawnstar Holiday

Dawnstar Cinderella's son Barijka Jerome
has won many honors shown by Frances Peace.

Jerome has an incredible light tummy.

 Here is a link to learn about Cat Agility Training and Tournaments. Any cat may enter. This site explains how the courses are set and judged.

ICAT - International Cat Agility Tournaments

The following photo shows Havoc and Bravo monitoring each other on their exercise wheel. (photo from 1996)

The Lesson of the Alamo

For cats who enjoy a more sedentary lifestyle, check out

Read about monks and cats who cooperate in exercise programs for public entertainment:
Weather Statistics and Your Cat


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