by Anita Klinger and Lori Harding

Are you feeling stressed out? Is your life too hectic with schedules and appointments? Have you forgotten how to relax in your own backyard? Do you long for the days when life was simpler?

Pause for a moment. Relax, and think about what you have been doing.

Remember how simple fun coule be?

Abyssinian cats are convinced that people need to slow down and rediscover the wonders of nature.

In a self-help book written by experts who figured it out on their own, the Abs provide 81 short stories each complete with an illustration and a philosophical summary, much in the style of Lao Tsu.

The Abs believe that if this book can help you to become a more balanced person, you will be doing your part to help the earth's ecosystem.

This could be the beginning of a new road.

In The Way of the Ab, Cat lovers will appreciate 60 photographs and 20 illustrations along with short stories and philosophical learning experiences.

Printed on 80# gloss, THE WAY OF THE AB makes a handsome gift book that will appeal to anyone with a sense of humor.
Published by Marshall Graphics
ISBN 0-9635147-0-9, Paperback. 175 pages, 4-color cover.

You may purchase at ISLAND OF MEW

Take a little time to find your way back to nature and the world will become a better place.

All pictures and text © Marshall Graphics 2003 except © to those wonderful artists who have allowed me to borrow their work.

You may purchase at ISLAND OF MEW

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